Customized History: World History, US History, European History, Economics, Government
High School History, Customized Homeschool Curriculum Planner Secular Reader's & Writer's Journal
History: Choose a history course of study, a textbook, either a free e-text or provided text, curriculum, syllabus, online courses, resources, and enrichment. Customize with the Uncle Eric Series on Economics and Government from Bluestocking Press, CK-12 free e-texts, Certell.org for free history, Pandia Press History Odyssey curriculum, Big History Project, and Crash Courses.
The Reader’s & Writer’s Journal is available separate from the Planner. It is for your work and will include your student choices of Timeline events, sketches, notes, and atlas locations. Rather than focusing on writings as a summary, the student thoughtfully reflects on the reading and makes connections, evaluations, and conclusions across the subjects. Luckily there are a lot of creative ways to get here and high school is a great time when students have opinions, so there are no shortages of ideas! We continue to develop writing so that a variety of styles can be used successfully and also show an understanding of the requirements for each style. This will be college-prep writing where students will use self-evaluation skills to improve their writing and learning skills. Keep in mind that high school composition is not just reading and answering comprehension questions. Review this with your student as needed.T his course will focus on providing your own focus and evaluation using your experiences to make deeper connections with the content you are reading. You can add journaling and diaries too, depending on your student interest. The Customized Reader’s & Writer’s Journal is a notebook or binder that includes reader’s responses, personal responses, vocabulary, notes, timeline events, and atlas locations across the subjects. Mix it up and let the student own it! You can add as little or as much structure as both you and your student are comfortable with.

Customized History Curriculum- Free E-books & Curriculum

Free cK-12 Flexbook
Free Open Stax e-text

Customized History Curriculum- Purchased Curriculum

Oak Meadow World History

History Odyssey
Big History Project
Technology & War History
The Corrections
From Crossbow to H-Bomb
Uncle Eric Bluestocking Press Econ & Government
Pandia Press
Build Your Library.com

Shmoop Online Class

Customized History Curriculum- Book Title & Publisher

Glencoe World Geography
Usborne Geography
Glencoe World History
Geography Through Art
Spielvogel European History
The History Book
Technology and War
The Cartoon Introduction to Economics
Customized Secular Reader's & Writer's Journal, Customized Homeschool Secular Planner
Organization, planning, and ownership of the student’s work are both important to emphasize and showcase their learning and encourage self-motivation, self-awareness, and goal-setting. For the Customized Reader's & Writer's Journal work can be written or typed on a computer. Pages will include a Customized Reader’s & Writer’s Journal for reading responses in all subjects. This is a Customized activity book with journal activity pages and projects that are Customized with a personalized style depending on the student's choices. The student can Customize this and it becomes a study guide and portfolio. Both you and your student can be involved in the process. Customize the journal reading responses across the subjects including study skills, higher level questioning, weekly self-evaluations that cycle through the subjects, Parent/Teacher Evaluations, Teacher/Student Personal Journal, vocabulary words, spelling, sketches, notes, custom Atlas, and timeline items all within the Reader's & Writer's Journal. There are Customized history pages including interviewing your favorite historical person, debating in history, and responding in a news story.

History, Geography Customized Homeschool Secular Curriculum Planner and Journal
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Buy the Customized Homeschool Curriculum Planner for $150 with weekly views in a .pdf or a printed format including Customized Electives and Customized Online Resources. Click the red button below when you have all your Core courses and electives that you want planned. You are ready to get your planner! Be ready to fill in the form with your school year planning information about holidays and number of days a week. Then you can attach your table of contents, activities, syllabus, or book lists for me to create your Customized Homeschool Curriculum Planner and streamline your school year.
Customized Secular Reader's & Writer's Journal, Customized Homeschool Secular Planner
  • Buy the Customized Reader's & Writer's Journal for $60 You can purchase the Customized Reader's and Writer's Journal by clicking the blue button below.   *This Can be Purchased Separately and Used With Any Readings* It includes over 100 reading and writing activities to use across the subjects. Higher level thinking skills, self- evaluation, and critical thinking skills are central to the Customized Reader's & Writer's Journal activities. It can be customized based on your student's preference and needs. Both the Planner & Journal are $200
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