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High School Customized Secular Reader's & Writer's Journal, Customized Homeschool Secular Planner
Let's put together a weekly Customized Homeschool Curriculum for your high school year. You already gathered your textbooks, curriculum, activities, literature, projects, online courses, lesson resources, and enrichment. Or maybe you still need to fill in a few gaps and are looking for quality resources. Either way we can help! Check out the core four pages for more information on English, Science, Math, History, and Electives. Depending on your student’s particular reading and writing need, you can plan more or less and pick and Customize as needed. You can use your purchased curriculum or free textbooks and online curriculum and resources. Learning takes place across the curriculum, so the activities will be used across all the subjects and include both reading and writing. Students will take curriculum in their own direction progressing through their chosen activities using higher level thinking skills. This is where the best learning takes place. Goals are set by the student and they also self-evaluate themselves throughout many areas. Once you click the button to Fill Out the Form for Your Customized Planner, you will answer questions regarding your planner and scheduled holidays, semester length, and the number of days a week planned. You will then need to upload an item for each course in the form. Generally you will send a copy of the syllabus for each course and a table of contents for textbooks that are used. The core four subjects english, science, math and history along with two electives are included in the Customized Planner. You will receive Customized Enrichment of quality resources for you to use with your courses.

Customized Secular Reader's & Writer's Journal, Customized Homeschool Secular Planner

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Buy the Customized Homeschool Curriculum Planner for $150 with weekly views in a .pdf or a printed format including Customized Electives and Customized Online Resources. Click the red button below when you have all your Core courses and electives that you want planned. You are ready to get your planner! Be ready to fill in the form with your school year planning information about holidays and number of days a week. Then you can attach your table of contents, activities, syllabus, or book lists for me to create your Customized Homeschool Curriculum Planner and streamline your school year.
Customized Secular Reader's & Writer's Journal, Customized Homeschool Secular Planner
  • Buy the Customized Reader's & Writer's Journal for $60 You can purchase the Customized Reader's and Writer's Journal by clicking the blue button below.   *This Can be Purchased Separately and Used With Any Readings* It includes over 100 reading and writing activities to use across the subjects. Higher level thinking skills, self- evaluation, and critical thinking skills are central to the Customized Reader's & Writer's Journal activities. It can be customized based on your student's preference and needs. Both the Planner & Journal are $200
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