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Learning takes place across the curriculum, so the Customized Journal activities are used across all the subjects and include both reading, writing, and speaking. Students will take curriculum in their own direction progressing through their chosen activities using higher level thinking skills. This is where the best learning takes place. Goals are set by the student and they also self-evaluate themselves throughout many areas. We foster self- awareness and evaluation for choices and actions.
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Organization, planning, and ownership of the student’s work are both important to emphasize and showcase their learning and to encourage self-motivation, self-awareness, and goal-setting. For the Customized Reader's & Writer's Journal work can be written or typed on a computer. Pages will include reading and writing responses across all the subjects. This is a Customized activity book with journal activity pages or projects that are Customized with a personalized style depending on the student's choices. The student can Customize this Journal and it becomes a study guide as well as a portfolio. Customized daily reading responses across the subjects include study skills, higher level questioning, weekly self-evaluations, Parent/Teacher/Student evaluations, Teacher/Student Personal Journal, vocabulary words, spelling, sketches, notes, custom atlas, and timeline items all within the Reader's & Writer's Journal.
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If you are interested in the Reader's and Writer's Journal, it is available in print format for $30 by clicking the blue button below. It is a collection of over 100 reading and writing high school level activities for use across the subjects. The activities focus on higher order thinking skills, self evaluation, and critical thinking. The Journal can be Customized based on the student's preference and needs. The Table of Contents is separated by the core four subjects of English, Math, Science, History and General Pages. This makes for easy access during lessons. Activities include active reading and writing activities across the subjects. The English section is the most varied but there are many activities involving characters or historical figures. Interview and create a video, podcast, or song. Memorize and present an item of interest or plan a project and present it in PowerPoint. The General Pages include study skills, notetaking, guided reading, project planner, and essay resources. You can choose activities based on your schedule and curriculum. Activities vary in length and can be customized for a variety of needs. You will be amazed at what your student can do!

High School Customized Secular Reader's & Writer's Journal, Customized Homeschool Curriculum Secular Planner
  • Buy the Customized Reader's & Writer's Journal for $30 You can purchase the Customized Reader's and Writer's Journal by clicking the blue button below.   *This Can be Purchased Separately and Used With Any Readings* It includes over 100 reading and writing activities to use across the subjects. Higher level thinking skills, self- evaluation, and critical thinking skills are central to the Customized Reader's & Writer's Journal activities. You will customize the journal based on your student's preference and needs.
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