Get Your Customized Homeschool Journal for your High Schooler!
Use the Customized Reader's & Writer's Journal for over 100 reading and writing activities to go with any reading for your student. All of the core subjects like English, history, math, and sciences include a Choice of reading and writing projects and activities along with engaging, quality, Customized electives and online resources. This naturally adds meaning for your student’s learning.  Be creative and involve your student in Choosing their curriculum! Organization, planning, and ownership of the student’s work are both important to emphasize and showcase their learning and encourage self-motivation, self-awareness, and goal-setting.
Customized Secular Reader's & Writer's Journal, Customized Homeschool Secular Planner
You get all of this and more so your student can be self directed in their learning. For the Customized Reader's & Writer's Journal work can be written or typed on a computer. Pages will include a Customized Reader’s & Writer’s Journal for reading responses in all subjects. Additional pages can be copied before use to use them over the year. For easy reference, The Table of Contents of the Reader's and Writer's Journal is shown here and includes all core subjects of English, math, history, and sciences. They are all on tabbed pages for easy navigation.

This is a Customized activity book with journal activity pages and projects that are Customized with a personalized style depending on the student's choices each day as they complete their work. It becomes a study guide and portfolio for them showing their progress throughout the year. Both you and your student can be involved in this process as much or as little as you like. Customize the journal reading responses across the subjects including study skills, higher level questioning, weekly self-evaluations that cycle through the subjects, Parent/Teacher Evaluations, Teacher/Student Personal Journal, vocabulary words, spelling, sketches, notes, custom atlas and timeline items all within the Reader's & Writer's Journal. You and your student will love it! Identify key areas to work on and then evaluate what to work on next.

Bloom's Taxonomy questioning skills and the Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) help explain the ideas behind the activities and the educational basis of how they promote learning and development in a variety of ways.
The Writing Process, Customized Homeschool Curriculum Secular

The Writing Process is reviewed and presented for students to Customze and build on their writing skills throughout their high school needs. It is used across the subjects and is easy to implement with the Reader's and Writer's Journal. Your student will use, practice, and develop their reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Customized Secular Reader's & Writer's Journal, Customized Homeschool Secular Planner
  • Buy the Customized Reader's & Writer's Journal for $30 You can purchase the Customized Reader's and Writer's Journal by clicking the blue button below.  It includes over 100 reading and writing activities to use across the subjects of English, sciences, math, and history. Higher level thinking skills, self- evaluation, and critical thinking skills are central to the Customized Reader's & Writer's Journal activities. It can be customized based on your student's preference and needs. 
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